Women Only Self Defence

Institute Krav Maga Cork. Since 2006


Women Self Defense Krav Maga Course is the official Institute Krav Maga Ireland Self Defense program for women. In this 10-lesson program, we will teach you how to neutralize the 15 most common attacks  in various Self Defense scenarios. Throughout our numerous years of experience we have developed this Krav Maga program to meet the specific needs of each individual woman. We know the reality that most women faced by an attacker will be in position of physical disadvantage and are normally of a smaller stature. We pride ourselves of developing a self defense technique that eliminates this problem. Krav Maga is an all-encompassing system which provides self defense from every type of attack.

Once you complete the block of 10 classes Women Self Defence program, you may test for promotion to Pink Belt under our National Expert Instructor Team!

Institute Krav Maga Cork. Since 2006


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‘Only 2 classes in and already I see how good this is for fitness, endurance and the obvious,fighting skills.It’s fantastic and in Cork we are very lucky to have a teacher of such high standing. The real deal..None of this Diet Krav Maga. It really is for all levels of people,what ever your condition.You will feel tired but you will want to come back for more.All I can says is its 75 euros and Money very well spent. Remember there is always excuse’s but not always opportunities like this..take advantage…DO< IT…DO IT…DO IT!” –  Ruairi G Mullan

Ruairi G Mullan