An absolutely great place to train. Great atmosphere, instructors, and students all round.

Derry Howley Irish Navy

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise performance" and this club does. Artur and his team are so professional no matter what your fitness level, great group of people train here who help and support you. Great work out and great skill learned. Ticks all the boxes

Mary Spillane Personal Leadership And Executive Coaching

Brilliant place to train! I used to go to the Gym 3-4 nights a week and used to dread going most of the time. Since joining Institute Krav Maga Cork, i now look forward my training sessions. Great instructor and very welcoming members. Couldn't recommend highly enough! Thank you Artur and Team!!

Billy O’Connor DePuy

"Arthur is a real Icon of Krav Maga. A True professional who put attention to every student to help them out to improve them skills.…"


"Krav Maga is a system not only for self defence and survival, but also a system for awareness and avoidance of unnecessary violence. My instructor Arthur is superb and has the skills and approach to get the best out of every student. What’s being though is continually being adapted for maximum effectiveness."


"Artur is one of the most experienced instructors in Europe - he got a huge knowledge and he is extremely committed to Krav Maga. I would strongly recommend Institute Krav Maga to anyone looking to increase their fitness & learn one of the best martial art - self defence system"

Martin Janowski Krav Maga Defender IV